ERAOLE two-seater

The ally of the French green aviation

Le début de ERAOLE Bi-places

ERAOLE two-seater

Hybrid electric aircraft: designed with and for flight schools. 
A safe aircraft with low ecological impact running on BIOETHANOL ! 

The advantages of the Bi-place

A multi-hybrid aircraft with multiple advantages. 

A unique product made in France on a growing market

A greener aircraft to limit the ecological impact of aviation

Would you like to become an ERAOLE partner?

Today, the Eraole start-up is looking for new partners and sponsors for its second fundraising to produce a reliable two-seater prototype. 

Get on the plane of the future, be part of the precursors of the French green aviation and join the ERAOLE adventure alongside the adventurer Raphaël DINELLI ! 

Technical characteristics of the ERAOLE Bi-Place

Traction chain of the multi-hybrid ERAOLE Bi-place aircraft

You want to know more about ERAOLE or our Bi-Place aircraft? We are at your disposal !