The future of carbon-free aviation

The Eraole challenge

Eraole low-carbon single-seat airplane. 

Prototype designed and built by Raphaël DINELLI

Eraole represents the aviation of the future, respectful of our environment. Its design and performance make it an exceptional machine, unique in the world. Its traction is provided by two electric motors. A multi-hybrid power plant has been designed and made reliable by our engineers in order to produce electricity on board the aircraft with renewable and clean energies. Its sources are solar energy, a vegetable oil resulting from the recycling of vegetable waste, hydrogen doping and the excellent thinness of the plane.


Eco-sustainable aeronautical adventures


Respect for the environment


Hybrid electric aircraft: designed with and for flight schools. 
A safe aircraft with low ecological impact running on BIOETHANOL ! 

A multi-hybrid aircraft made in France

The ERAOLE Bi-Place represents the aircraft of tomorrow, greener, more environmentally friendly and above all a French aircraft. It is the future of today and tomorrow. 

Our aircraft was designed with and for flight schools. It meets all the needs but also brings multiple advantages not present on the current market.

Would you like to become an ERAOLE partner?

Today, the Eraole start-up is looking for new partners and sponsors for its second fundraising to produce a reliable two-seater prototype. 

Get on the plane of the future, be part of the precursors of the French green aviation and join the ERAOLE adventure alongside the adventurer Raphaël DINELLI! 

You want to know more about ERAOLE or our Bi-Place aircraft ? We are at your disposal !